AI assisted

Faster Scanning

Improve MRI scanning time to reduce cost of operation and provide patient convenience.

Better Detection

Better AI assisted detection with Enhanced Scans

Quick Analysis

AI assisted annotation and segmentation to aid Doctors for diagnosis, radiotherapy and surgeries


Interoperable with multiple scanners and PACS.

Data Safe

Patient Health Information (PHI) anonymized and Data Secured.

Easy to Deploy

Managed software deployment at local DC/Cloud.


AIken products are specially designed to enhance patients end to end experience and optimise utilisation of medical equipments


MRI Scans

Supports MRI scans for preloaded modules of brain, knee and coming soon with support for more modules

Better Detection using AI

Improves AI detection capabilities with enhanced MRI scans due to clear picture and low motion distortion

Accelerated Scanning Time

Scanning made upto 4 times faster using AI technologies


Smart AI based Analysis

Preloaded models for Tumor detection and Segmentation Brain, Liver, Pancreas

Visualization and Quantification

Aiken Web Viewer provides visualisation and is compatible with on 3rd party viewers

Continuous Learning

Models trainable optimally and continuously on cloud


AIken products are designed such that they are easy to connect and deploy in your existing setups

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The founding team has strong entrepreneurial, engineering and academic backgrounds and has held senior management, product and engineering positions in AI, Biomedical and cloud companies

Ashwin Amarapur

Founder, CEO Aikenist.


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