AI assisted

Quick Radiology Solutions

AIkenist products are designed to enhance end to end patient experience and optimise medical equipment utilisation

AI assisted

Faster Scanning

Improve MRI scanning time to reduce cost of operation and provide patient convenience.

AI assisted

Better Detection

Better disease detection with Enhanced Scans

AI assisted

Quick Analysis

AI assisted annotation and segmentation to aid Doctors for diagnosis, radiotherapy and surgeries


Aikenist's QuickSuite encompasses four exceptional products, carefully crafted to meet your diverse needs. QuickSuite reduces end to end Radiology process time from Appointment to Reports by 70% QuickSuite includes QuickFlow to reduce appointment time, QuickScan to reduce scanning time and QuickRad and QuickDiag to reduce reporting time.We provide Diagnostic center OS to run operations efficiently and to improve Patient Satisfaction.



Efficient work flow between Diagnostic centres, Clinics and Patients


Includes time saving and cost saving process for Acquisition and Diagnosis

Teleradiology Platform

Offers a complete Teleradiology platform along with end to end solution

QuickRad Image

QuickDiag Image


Smart AI based Analysis

AI analysis of X-rays for detection of COVID-19. Tumor detection and Segmentation for scans of the Brain, Liver and Pancreas.

Visualization and Quantification

Aiken Web Viewer provides visualisation and is compatible with on 3rd party viewers.

Better Detection using AI

Improves AI detection capabilities with enhanced MRI scans due to denoising


Accelerated Scanning Time

MRI Scanning made upto 4 times faster using AI technologies. For example, a 20 minute MRI scan can be reduced to a 5 minute process as it is a software-only solution.

MRI Scans

Supports MRI scans for brain, abdomen, knee, spine and other MSK scans

Better Detection using AI

Improves AI detection capabilities with enhanced MRI scans due to denoising

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Online/Offline Booking & Billing

Ability to book online with catalogue or offline. End to End Patient workflow traceability from Appointment to Reports

Patient Queue Management

Ability to manage Patient Queue for better machine utilization using AI

Patient Portal

Patient Portal with long term storing of scans & Reports, booking history, payments

Intelligent and Quick Diagnostic Flow

Deployment Image


Interoperable with multiple scanners and PACS.

Data Safe

Patient Health Information (PHI) anonymized and Data Secured.

Easy to Deploy

Managed software deployment at local DC/Cloud.


Aiken products are designed such that they are easy to connect and deploy in your existing setups



OUR VISION:To improve clinical response time, patient convenience and resource utilisation.

AIkenist is a healthcare technology company designing products to enhance end to end patient experience and optimise the utilisation of medical equipment. AIkenist integrates AI tools to achieve faster scanning, supreme image quality and better patient experience. The founding team has strong entrepreneurial, engineering and academic backgrounds and has held senior management, product and engineering positions in AI, Biomedical and cloud companies

Ashwin Amarapur

CEO, Founder

Ravindra G H

System Architect

Seema Bhat

Research Engineer


Introducing our ISO certified company, where precision meets perfection. Our commitment to international standards ensures top-notch quality in every aspect. With our ISO certification, you can trust in our unwavering dedication to excellence, as we strive to exceed your expectations. Join us on a journey of reliability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Experience the difference with our ISO certified company today.

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Quick-acquired MRI scans with the DL-based Aikenist Framework.


Presenting QuickScan solution at IRIA 2022 which improves MRI scan quality and helps to reduce the scanning time with the existing MRI machine.


Aikenist Technologies has participated in


The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) is a non-profit organization that represents 31 radiologic subspecialties from 145 countries around the world.

NASSCOM Product Conclave

NASSCOM Product Conclave (NPC) is synonymous with the remarkable entrepreneurial ecosystem of breakthrough and innovative software solutions developed, engineered, marketed, and sold internationally from India.

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