Aikenist QuickScan accelerates MRI scans by 4x without compromising image quality.

Quickscan improves AI detection capabilities with enhanced MRI scans through clear picture and low motion distortion. The AI algorithm used is based on deep learning and effectively accelerates MRI scan times by 4x without compromising image quality and detail. It is also compatible with 3T and 1.5T MRI machines

Advantages of Aikenist QuickScan

o Quicker scanning: Scan any patient 2x-4x faster without changing the workflow.

o Results of scans: Available minutes after scans are uploaded into Aikenist’s server and can be directly viewed on mobile phones as well.

o Patient convenience: Reduces the amount of time that the patient is required to be in the machine. Improves problems of patients with claustrophobia and exposure to loud noise for a shorter period thereby reducing patient discomfort.

o Reduced chances of misdiagnoses and rescans: The picture clarity and AI assistance in diagnosis helps in avoiding errors and reduces motion artefacts.