Aikenist’s QuickDiag COVID provides automated detection of the severity of pneumonia due to COVID-19 based on Artificial Intelligent (AI) analysis of X-Ray, CT and MRI scans.

X-Ray, CT and MRI solutions

o X-Ray: for pre-screening and therapeutic understanding.

o CT: provides AI analysis which helps in therapeutic planning and CO-RADS score.

o MRI: provides fast MRI scans for Brain scans. In some cases COVID-19 patients suffer from brain damages and require MRI scanning.

The Aikenist Quickdiag can be used as an effective screening solution in case of COVID-19 outbreak along with RT-PCR tests. It is a X-Ray based solution that will prove not only cheaper but also more convenient for the detection of COVID-19. Based on AI analysis of chest imaging, mainly through X-Rays of patients, Aikenist provides low cost screening and disease progression detection as a solution for COVID-19. X-Ray machines are more widely available than CT or MRI machines.

Why is Aikenist QuickDiag the solution for you?

o Therapeutic understanding: Quantifies the extent of damage to the lung. Provides CO RADS score showing the extent of damage.

o Speedy process: Completed analysis can be done in as short as 10 minutes.

o Convenient: Scans can be uploaded from Mobile phones and obtain results.

o Deployment: Easy and convenient deployment in existing infrastructure.

o High accuracy: Above 90% accurate detection rate.

o Early detection: RT-PCR tests take around 48 hours to obtain results, QuickDiag can obtain results in 10 minutes which helps to pre-screen for RT-PCR.

QuickDiag for CT/MRI

o Automated detection, segmentation, annotation and classification of Chest, Brain and Abdomen organs and abnormalities like lesions, nodules and abnormalities for computer aided diagnostics for MRI and CT scans.

o Quickdiag is aimed at improving productivity of Radiologists, Oncologists and Radiotherapists.

o Radiology: QuickDiag finds abnormalities in MRI/CT scans. This helps in triaging and reducing misdiagnosis.

o Radiotherapists: QuickDiag assists by segmenting Tumours and thereby reducing time for marking on the scans before Radiotherapy.